Pick of the Bunch – Shereen Marlow

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Pick of the Bunch – Shereen Marlow

​Here at Glendale, our employees are the backbone of our company; they form the vibrant tapestry of talent, expertise and passion that underpin our success. That’s why we wanted to be able to shine the spotlight on them from time to time, developing the first edition of our latest blog series! Each month, we’ll delve into the career journey, experiences, and insights of one employee – chosen as our ‘Pick of the Bunch’. We’re thrilled to bring this initiative to you and give you a glimpse into the wonderful world of Glendale from the eyes of the very people who make our company extraordinary.

When you think of Glendale, you’re probably thinking of tree surgeons, gardeners, arborists, and the like. However, oftentimes, our team ‘behind-the-scenes’ don’t get as much credit as they deserve. Without a doubt, our public-facing roles are crucial in delivering the sterling services we’re known for, but the unsung heroes in our key accounts management department are just as vital. Although not often in the limelight, these professionals work tirelessly to ensure seamless relationships with our clients, effectively becoming the scaffolding that supports the visible efforts of our field teams. This month, we’re turning the spotlight on Shereen Marlow, one of our Senior Key Account Managers, to give you a fresh perspective on their indispensable role and how they contribute to the overall success of Glendale.

So, let’s get into it:

Reflecting on her work at Glendale, Shereen said, “I enjoy being part of a team that has the same goals and values that I do. Even though we are a large organisation, all the managers across the country know each other and have relationships which help them to carry out their day-to-day tasks.” This sense of family, camaraderie, and shared purpose is central to Shereen’s experience of Glendale.

“My work life is busy but enjoyable. Some days are challenging, but overall, very fulfilling,” Shereen shares, emphasising her commitment to our mission. Nothing seems to bring her more satisfaction than achieving targets and goals, whether they’re personal or for the company.

Her journey into Key Accounts Management was not a direct one, and it is through Glendale that Shereen has truly found her niche. “I’ve been with Glendale for almost 9 years, and have done a variety of different roles,” she explained, “When the role of Senior Key Accounts Manager became available, it was similar to my previous role but on a larger scale. I welcomed the challenge.”

Shereen credits Glendale for her career progression, saying, “I love that Glendale promotes from within and is always looking to develop the staff they have. This has most certainly been the case for me during my career with Glendale which has seen me go from a Contracts Administrator to a Senior Manager.”

Looking back at her journey, Shereen’s proudest achievement is “the steps I have made while working with Glendale to get where I am now.” She finds immense fulfilment in her current role, despite its challenges, affirming, “The variety of jobs I have undertaken has given me a wealth of knowledge which helps me do the job I am currently doing but also helps to assist new people joining the business.”

In Shereen’s view, effective communication is the most important skill for a Senior Key Account Manager. When asked why more people should consider this field, she concluded, “It’s such a rewarding job. When you start a new contract and can see the teams making improvements to sites and the client is happy, it really does make it all worthwhile.”

Shereen Marlow is a testament to the diligence, growth, and excellence we value at Glendale. Her story underscores the importance of every role within our organisation and the potential every team member has to make a significant impact.

As we continue this ‘Pick of the Bunch’ blog series, we are excited to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the exceptional employees who make Glendale thrive. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of our remarkable team members who truly embody the spirit of dedication and excellence that sets Glendale apart.