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  • Central Support - Glendale
    Central Support - Glendale

    We offer exceptional career opportunities at our Head Office in Chorley where our teams play a vital role in shaping our future success.We are committed to recruiting flexible, motivated and dynamic individuals for all aspects of our operations. We are looking for individuals that can offer a genuine level of commitment in return for support, opportunities and a rewarding career. By paying attention to the people we employ, in the form of development, we are able to achieve the excellence for which we strive.

  • Woodland Management
    Woodland Management

    ​Acres of woodland management expertiseThe UK’s woodlands are rich and teaming with plant life. They are an essential part of the country’s natural heritage and local biodiversity efforts, not to mention the wellbeing of visitors who frequent them. We are here to help you get the best out of the woodland you own.We immerse ourselves in each and every project in order to really get to know your woodland. The unique way we protect, nurture and supplement forests and woodlands helps them prosper and provide essential benefits like soil stabilisation, oxygen generation, carbon capture and protection from noise pollution.​​​Whether our clients wish to create a beautiful place to walk, generate income by growing timber or just ensure they’re doing the right thing, you will help provide an expert service in woodland management practices and will be fully up-to-speed with current woodland legislation to ensure they receive accurate advice and direction at every stage.​​​

  • Management - Glendale
    Management - Glendale

    ​It would be impossible to be as successful as we are without having the direction and leadership of our very experienced senior management team.Several of our senior managers have undertaken Glendale’s very own management development programme in order to climb the ladder to their current positions.  This is because we value the importance of nurturing existing talent and investing in the futures of all our employees.Browse our live vacancies or sign up for job alerts and be the first to be notified regarding our roles!

  • Winter Maintenance
    Winter Maintenance

    ​Glendale’s winter maintenance contractors can carry out snow clearance, gritting, tree clearance and more winter services for our clients.During harsh winter months, companies can suffer tremendously if they don’t hire a reliable winter maintenance company – ice and snow can pose a real threat to employees and visitors, resulting in slips, trips and falls that could lead to injury.​​Dependable Winter Maintenance Contractors There’s a reason why Glendale have won many awards for our high-quality services and standard of work, it’s because of our team! Our team truly make Glendale the best in the business, we believe our bunch are second to none. You might be thinking we’re slightly bias – however, we consistently prove it. ​Every single one of our winter maintenance contractors has been trained to complete work to the best standard possible whilst giving friendly and professional customer service – they’re dependable, trustworthy, efficient and hard workers, the list could go on. ​

  • Landscaping

    Love your Landscape? Commercial Landscaping, Hard Landscaping, Living Walls, Soft Landscaping.​We offer the full complement of landscaping services from design and specification, to installation and aftercare to commercial organisations and private landowners looking to reinvigorate their green space all across the UK.Landscaping makeovers are our specialty, mastered over the years thanks to our understanding of green space. With the support of our sister company Environment, Planning and Design (EPD) the Glendale team will take care of every element of the transformation, for a sustainable, cost-effective and enticing result that is guaranteed to inspire.We work with specialist nurseries to supply our clients with the trees, plants and shrubs needed to create inspirational bedding displays, and we use only the best top and sub-soils that meet British Standards.You will join our highly qualified team of Commercial Landscapers; working closely with our clients to achieve thoughtful, imaginative and practical design and development solutions. No matter the size or complexity we have the expertise, resource, creativity and style to make their vision a reality.​Glendale offers exciting career opportunities within Landscaping in a variety of locations nationwide, including the following roles; Landscape Architects, Gardeners, Head Green Keepers to name a few.

  • Glendale Apprenticeships
    Glendale Apprenticeships

    ​Whoever you are, whatever your background, an apprenticeship with us is a great place to kickstart your career. We offer the chance to get stuck into a real job, while you continue your education to degree level and beyond!Our best managers will be your mentors as you start on a long-term career path with great possibilities.Gain hands-on experience while you learn, and make your mark as a key part of one of our teams.Remember, when we recruit an apprentice, we’re not looking for the finished product. After completing their apprenticeships with us, several of our apprentices progressed to management roles, and you could follow in their footsteps…Simply send us your CV and type of apprenticeship you’re looking for using the form below.​​

  • Grounds Maintenance
    Grounds Maintenance

    ​Green spaces are our passion watch as we make yours come to life. Parks, businesses, town centres and neighbourhoods are often defined by the appearance of their landscape. Glendale has established itself as one of the UK’s leading sustainable grounds maintenance companies. We are proud to provide a complete grounds maintenance service for private, commercial and public sector clients that keeps their green spaces looking neat, attractive and healthy.A ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution rarely works; instead of this approach, we will listen to your requirements and put together a bespoke grounds maintenance package designed to meet your exact requirements. This can include everything from grass cutting and hedge trimming to shrub pruning and the maintenance of inspirational bedding displays.We employ a fantastic team of grounds maintenance specialists who love what they do. Our people are carefully selected and trained specifically to work in green environments, so you can be confident of them achieving the very best results for your project. In our position as one of the largest national grounds maintenance companies, we are also very proud of our superb safety record. 

  • Arboriculture

    Arboriculture - Nurturing some of the UK’s most stunning treescapesTrees mean a lot to us. We expertly manage and maintain trees throughout the UK to sustain their health and boost our green surroundings.Our arborists are professionally trained, registered, insured and certified.  Each team member values safety above all else, and treat trees almost like a best friend. Their unrivalled technical knowledge has helped improve treescapes in hundreds of local parks, private estates, conservation areas, highways and more.As one of the UK’s premier tree care specialists, we can supply a definitive range of tree care services for public, private and utility clients. This includes a full suite of tree surgery services, dangerous tree removals, vegetation management alongside high voltage power lines, and tree planting projects. We are also qualified to take care of tree surveys and inspections, promoting sustainable tree management for the future.Glendale offers exceptional career opportunities within Arboriculture in a variety of locations nationwide, including the following roles; Arborist, Arborist Team Leader, Senior Arborist, Senior Landscape Architect, as well as trainees and apprentices.How To Become An Arborist


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It would be impossible to be as successful as we are without having the direction and leadership of our very experienced senior management team.

Several of our senior managers have undertaken Glendale’s very own management development programme in order to climb the ladder to their current positions. This is because we value the importance of nurturing existing talent and investing in the futures of all our employees.

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Our recruitment team is always eager to answer any queries regarding the opportunities we offer. At Glendale, every employee has the chance to make a positive impact on the business, the environment and the communities in which we live and work.

We are happy to hear from people bursting with talent, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    Working at Glendale - What our people say

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    How to Become an Arborist

    ​Ever thought of working in the great outdoors, helping the environment, and doing something you can see and be proud of at the end of each day? If so, becoming an arborist might be just the job for you. An arborist, also known as a tree surgeon, is someone who looks after trees. They work hard, learn a lot, and spend their days in the fresh air. It’s a job that can bring real satisfaction. So, welcome to the life of an arborist. Here are a few pointers on how you can get started on this rewarding career path in the UK.Starting with the Basics: EducationWhile there’s no absolute educational requirement to become an arborist, having certain qualifications can significantly enhance your prospects in this industry. Most employers value candidates who have completed their GCSEs and A-levels. For those looking to dive deeper, pursuing an undergraduate degree in environmental science, horticulture, or a similar field can be quite beneficial.For those who prefer a more hands-on approach rather than university, numerous college courses can provide the practical skills and knowledge you need. These include certificates in Arboriculture, Work-based Trees and Timber, Felling and Processing Trees, and diplomas in Forestry and Arboriculture. Usually, these courses require two to five GCSEs, including English and maths.Learn and Earn: ApprenticeshipsApprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity to gain real-world experience while also earning an income. As an apprentice, you will learn the ropes of the industry from experienced professionals, gaining insights that are not always available in a traditional classroom setting. Specifically, here at Glendale, we’re known for our award-winning apprenticeship scheme, which provides a particularly enriching experience. We believe in nurturing talent and encouraging the growth of our team members from within the company. Over the years, many of our apprentices have blossomed into some of the best arborists in the country, assuming managerial positions and further developing their skills. This commitment to professional development, coupled with our impressive track record, highlights Glendale’s apprenticeship scheme as an exceptional pathway for getting your foot in the door of this industry.Unlike finishing an educational course and then having to hunt for job opportunities, we usually offer our apprentices continued roles within the company. This means that even as you’re learning, you’re already part of a team that values your skills and contribution.By choosing an apprenticeship with Glendale, you’re not just learning how to become an arborist, you’re also setting up your future. And the prospects for growth don’t stop at the completion of your apprenticeship. If you’re ambitious and hardworking, there are plenty of opportunities to move up the ranks and take on more responsibility within a leading arboriculture company. This is more than just an apprenticeship – it’s your first step in a fulfilling career journey with Glendale.This path not only equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge but also instils a sense of professional confidence that is vital in this industry. Explore the apprenticeships at Glendale, earn as you learn, and lay the foundation for a thriving career as an arborist.Boost Your Skills: Relevant Work ExperienceIf you can’t yet find an apprenticeship, whether you’re still in school or you’re choosing to complete your studying before applying for a job in arboriculture, then looking for relevant work experience can help set you on the right path towards becoming an arborist. Having some sort of practical experience can really boost your CV, you can choose to volunteer or work part-time – there are plenty of opportunities for you to get your hands dirty in this field.Your work experience doesn’t necessarily need to be rooted in arboriculture. Given the niche skills required, securing such roles can be a challenge. Instead, consider roles that have an environmental or outdoor focus, such as gardening or grounds maintenance. You could even look for seasonal work, such as aiding in the festive rush of the Christmas tree season. Every bit of green-related experience adds value to your journey towards becoming a professional arborist – so, instead of waiting around to get into the field or relying on your educational qualifications, stand out by using your free time wisely to show your passion for green services.Exploring Related CareersIf you’re interested in a career within arboriculture, but haven’t made your mind up just yet, there are plenty more roles within the green services sector to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a back-up plan or just excitedly browsing for what your future could entail:Gardener:If you prefer a broader focus on plants and greenery, you could consider a gardening job. If you choose to go down this path with Glendale, you’ll be taking care of some of the most prestigious parks and green spaces in the UK.Tree Consultant:A more theoretical role, a tree consultant is responsible for inspecting trees, assessing their health and potential risk factors. Here at Glendale, we believe our arboricultural consultancy services are second to none.Landscaper:Landscaping offers a rewarding career for those who love the outdoors and have a creative flair. It’s a profession that allows you to design and shape outdoor spaces, creating beautiful environments that can bring joy to people and foster biodiversity. It’s a field where your creativity, passion for nature, and hands-on skills can truly come to life, providing both a tangible result and the satisfaction of enhancing the beauty of our natural world.Groundsperson:Grounds maintenance is an excellent career choice for those who enjoy working outdoors and have a keen eye for detail. From maintaining gardens to pruning trees and shrubs, every day brings new tasks and challenges, making it an exciting and fulfilling line of work for those with a green thumb. We have a selection of grounds maintenance jobs and apprenticeships.

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  • Shereen
    Pick of the Bunch – Shereen Marlow

    ​Here at Glendale, our employees are the backbone of our company; they form the vibrant tapestry of talent, expertise and passion that underpin our success. That’s why we wanted to be able to shine the spotlight on them from time to time, developing the first edition of our latest blog series! Each month, we’ll delve into the career journey, experiences, and insights of one employee – chosen as our ‘Pick of the Bunch’. We’re thrilled to bring this initiative to you and give you a glimpse into the wonderful world of Glendale from the eyes of the very people who make our company extraordinary.When you think of Glendale, you’re probably thinking of tree surgeons, gardeners, arborists, and the like. However, oftentimes, our team ‘behind-the-scenes’ don’t get as much credit as they deserve. Without a doubt, our public-facing roles are crucial in delivering the sterling services we’re known for, but the unsung heroes in our key accounts management department are just as vital. Although not often in the limelight, these professionals work tirelessly to ensure seamless relationships with our clients, effectively becoming the scaffolding that supports the visible efforts of our field teams. This month, we’re turning the spotlight on Shereen Marlow, one of our Senior Key Account Managers, to give you a fresh perspective on their indispensable role and how they contribute to the overall success of Glendale.So, let’s get into it:Reflecting on her work at Glendale, Shereen said, “I enjoy being part of a team that has the same goals and values that I do. Even though we are a large organisation, all the managers across the country know each other and have relationships which help them to carry out their day-to-day tasks.” This sense of family, camaraderie, and shared purpose is central to Shereen’s experience of Glendale.“My work life is busy but enjoyable. Some days are challenging, but overall, very fulfilling,” Shereen shares, emphasising her commitment to our mission. Nothing seems to bring her more satisfaction than achieving targets and goals, whether they’re personal or for the company.Her journey into Key Accounts Management was not a direct one, and it is through Glendale that Shereen has truly found her niche. “I’ve been with Glendale for almost 9 years, and have done a variety of different roles,” she explained, “When the role of Senior Key Accounts Manager became available, it was similar to my previous role but on a larger scale. I welcomed the challenge.”Shereen credits Glendale for her career progression, saying, “I love that Glendale promotes from within and is always looking to develop the staff they have. This has most certainly been the case for me during my career with Glendale which has seen me go from a Contracts Administrator to a Senior Manager.”Looking back at her journey, Shereen’s proudest achievement is “the steps I have made while working with Glendale to get where I am now.” She finds immense fulfilment in her current role, despite its challenges, affirming, “The variety of jobs I have undertaken has given me a wealth of knowledge which helps me do the job I am currently doing but also helps to assist new people joining the business.”In Shereen’s view, effective communication is the most important skill for a Senior Key Account Manager. When asked why more people should consider this field, she concluded, “It’s such a rewarding job. When you start a new contract and can see the teams making improvements to sites and the client is happy, it really does make it all worthwhile.”Shereen Marlow is a testament to the diligence, growth, and excellence we value at Glendale. Her story underscores the importance of every role within our organisation and the potential every team member has to make a significant impact.As we continue this ‘Pick of the Bunch’ blog series, we are excited to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the exceptional employees who make Glendale thrive. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories of our remarkable team members who truly embody the spirit of dedication and excellence that sets Glendale apart.

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    The life of a deaf Arborist – Q&A with Glendale’s Sam Ledgard

    In honour of UK Disability Month 2022, we thought we would spotlight one of Glendale’s valued arboriculture team members, who deals with a disability on a daily basis.Many disabilities aren’t visible or aren’t immediately obvious. This rings true for Sam Ledgard, one of our hard-working arborists, who’s suffered from hearing loss his entire life. Sam is an amazing climber and a great teacher and role model for our arboriculture trainees. His team use sign language to communicate with him at height, however, he is an excellent lip reader and signer, and with the use of his hearing aids can understand words.Here at Glendale, we believe in giving everyone a chance – many people believe that because arboriculture, tree surgery, and grounds maintenance are such physical jobs, people with disabilities won’t be able to enter the industry. However, disabled arborists like Sam have pushed the boundaries of what other people think is possible and exceeded expectations with every challenge faced. Just because someone has a disability, doesn’t mean they should be overlooked in the hiring process or be faced with stigma when entering the work culture either from bosses, other employees, or even customers/clients.We asked Sam what initially got him into arboriculture, and he had this to say:“I’ve always been interested in arboriculture and this was influenced by a farm industry background, so I have the knowledge about trees and the use of a chainsaw before I started arboriculture”Arboriculture is an extremely rewarding industry with many benefits for people who work within it, but we wanted to know what Sam liked best about working within this sector:“I enjoy working outdoors rather than being stuck indoors. I get to work in many different places, and I like meeting people. The variety of work keeps me interested especially following the seasons.”Whilst it is rewarding, no industry is perfect, and we wanted to know how Sam felt about the industry as a whole and if there was anything we could do to support him. We asked if he felt welcome in the industry:“No. I feel let down by the tree industry. There is a saying that the more skills you have, the more valuable you are. With over 20 years of experience, I have seen the wage gap between groundsmen and climbers shrinking. So, it is getting to the point where climbers are better off working as groundsmen as the pay gap is not much different. There are many ‘Health and Safety’ issues which can be time-consuming and tiring.”Sam faces a lot of challenges in his daily life due to his hearing impairment, we asked if he thought it hinders his career within arboriculture:“Yes. I was born profoundly deaf. My main communication is lip reading and sign language. Having a hearing disability can be a hindrance as listening is important to gain knowledge and experience, especially with toolbox meetings. I find it easier to talk one to one, instead of talking to a group of people which is tiring from concentrating on lip reading and listening at the same time.”Finally, we care a lot about our employees, they’re what makes Glendale one of the UK’s leading arboriculture companies, so we asked Sam what we could do to help him progress:“To gain more skills – for example, get a full-time truck license and drive a grab lorry. Loler testing.”We’ll be looking into helping Sam with the above. We’re extremely lucky to have him as part of the Glendale team, he’s a great leader and works hard at everything he does.At Glendale, we base our recruitment process on skill if they’re already a qualified arborist or a willingness to learn if they’re applying to a trainee position; whatever your age, gender, religion, or whether you have a disability, this does not factor into our decision. Not only that, but we also do our best to make sure the work culture in our company is welcoming when employees do enter their new roles. We’ve got a range of support services and encourage our employees to talk to their team leader or supervisor if they’re having any issues. We also have 6 trained mental health first aiders within our team, because we understand the potential of struggling mentally within this industry. Men between 40-49yrs are at the greatest risk of experiencing a mental health crisis – demographics enormously represented in our sector.If you’d like a career within Glendale, take a look at our tree surgeon jobs page or browse our latest vacancies today. We’re always eager to take on new people who will improve our company as a whole.A massive thank you to Sam for answering our questions, we hope this has helped give an insight into the challenges of arborists working with a disability.​

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