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#2minutelitterpick – litter picking billboards

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#2minutelitterpick – litter picking billboards

The Client:

Torbay Council and North Somerset Council.

The Brief:

Glendale approached Torbay and North Somerset councils with the idea of introducing the #2minutelitterpick campaign to their regions.

The #2minutelitterpick Campaign

The #2minutebeachclean campaign began in 2013 after storms battered the beaches of founder Martin Dorey’s hometown, Bude in Cornwall. In 2014, the first #2minutebeachclean stations were placed on 8 Cornish beaches and there are now over 800 in the UK and Ireland.

The 2 Minute Foundation officially became a charity in 2019 and they recently moved away from a sole beach cleaning focus by launching their #2minutelitterpick campaign and #2minutestreetclean campaign. The 2 Minute Foundation use social media and direct action to empower, educate, inspire, and enable groups, businesses, and individuals to make simple changes or to take part in simple actions that contribute to not only their own wellbeing but also that of the planet.

Litter Picking Billboards

Here at Glendale, we approached two of our clients, Torbay Council and North Somerset Council with the idea of installing litter-picking billboards in their regions to ensure that their parks can be kept clean and tidy.

Both of Torbay and North Somerset Councils agreed this was a brilliant idea and agreed to have billboards placed in 5 different locations in their regions. As a result of this, there are now plans to introduce boards into all of our contracts in the South.

The billboards come with 10 reusable bags, 4 litter sticks, hand sanitiser, and COVID-safe safety instructions ensuring that they meet the guidelines currently in place. The litter picking billboards are available on an a-frame or on wall-mounted frames.

Speaking about the projects, Terry Doyle, Managing Director for Glendale in the south said: “Glendale has always looked for ways to support the community in the management and maintenance of the parks and open spaces that we maintain.

“These boards are conveniently located and available 24/7 to allow anyone to get involved. A commitment to only 2 minutes a day adds up to a huge amount of improvement, energy and enthusiasm.”

For more information about the 2 Minute Foundation, click here –


Glendale 2minutelitterpick billboard

Glendale 2 minute litter pick billboard